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AVAILABLE T-HANGARS - The airport has 50 corporate and T-hangars for smaller aircraft. Contact Lin Leavitt at (901) 873-5796 for hangar vacancy information

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AVAILABLE BUILDINGS - The airport currently has one large vacant barrel-shaped hangar of concrete construction including a concrete roof which contains approximately 36,000 square feet of hangar space. A 20,000 square foot cargo building is now being renovated.
Bilding for rent
This is a 100,000-square foot structure containing a 35,900-square-foot hangar bay with a 150 ft. wide door opening. The hangar is flanked on both sides by two wings for offices and industrial shops. One wing contains 39,000 square feet and the other contains 26,000 square feet.
Front View Back View
Front View Back View

This building contains approximately 20,000 square feet. It is presently undergoing a $350,000 renovation project which will add truck access with loading docks on the back and ground access from the airfield on the front. The building is air conditioned and heated with a water-deluge sprinkler system. It is intended to be used for air cargo operations.