Millington jetport ARFF Capabilities


The City of Millington Fire Department provides 24-hour Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting service (ARFF). The airport ARFF department is staffed with seven firefighters who man the station 24 hours daily with two firemen on duty per shift. Backup stations are nearby. The airport has two 3,000 gallon ARFF vehicles and two 1,000 gallon vehicles. It is published as an FAA Index A airport but meets all the requirements of FAA Part 139 Index E.

ARFF Building

The Millington Fire Department received a fire training facility when the Navy transferred their excess property to the City of Millington. This state-of-the-art facility is used not only to keep City firefighters up to date with all the latest firefighting methods, but is also used for ARFF training using propane-fed props that include engine and wheel assemblies as well as compartment fires. Training is also provided for other nearby fire departments.

ARFF Training Center

Classroom training is an important part of the ARFF training routine. In addition to basic firefighting instruction, firefighters have access to the ARFF Working Group’s computer-based training on the various civilian and military aircraft that use the airport on a regular basis.

AARFF Classroom

The airport is fortunate to have a surplus cargo airplane that was contributed by FedEx to be used in firefighter training exercises. The students must become familiar with the location of battery disconnect circuits, fuel and hydraulic lines as well as how to open the various access points of the aircraft.

ARFF Day Drill-2012

ARFF firefighters are trained in aircraft rescue situations using full-size, life-like dummies. They are taught the proper procedures in search and rescue as well as extraction of personnel from an aircraft incident. All firefighting personnel are medically trained from first responder to EMT

ARFF Drill Day

Live fire drills for ARFF are conducted at night at the Millington Fire Training Center using various props to make the training as life-like as possible. Driving and firefighting skills are evaluated during these drills to ensure that proper techniques and safety objectives are met.  

ARFF Night Drill 2

Millington Regional Jetport ARFF personnel are well-equipped to handle aircraft incidents and are provided the best gear available for fighting aircraft fires.

ARFF Night Drill 2

Upon completion of all ARFF exercises, the participants undergo an evaluation of the drill to learn what mistakes were made and how that the exercise could be improved in the future.

Drill Class recap

You can feel confident that your aircraft, cargo and passengers will get the best ARFF service possible from these well-qualified and well-trained firefighters should an aircraft incident occur at the Millington Regional Jetport.